Counselling for Teenagers in Nottingham

A Safe Space for your Struggling Teen

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Support NOW not at the end of a Long Waiting List

If your teen is struggling with their emotional or mental health, I offer:

  • Boots on the ground support now, instead of at the end of a long waiting list
  • A safe, judgement-free outlet to talk (I spent 20 years working in and managing children’s homes so there’s nothing I haven’t heard!)
  • No pressure – your teen sets the pace, deciding what we talk about and when

Even if you have a great relationship with your son or daughter, teens sometimes find it easier to open up to someone outside of the family.

I offer that safe space

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Counselling that doesn’t feel like counselling

Today’s teens have to deal with all sorts of pressures. They may be worried about their body image, social media, sexuality, identity, self-harming, relationships, and much more. Most of them are pretty resistant to the idea of counselling though.

I run my counselling sessions for a beautiful little summer house at the end of my garden. There’s nothing clinical or intimidating about the setting, which is great for helping teens to relax. They can see me for as many sessions as they need and they completely set the pace, deciding what they want to talk about and when.

The teenagers I see tell me that our sessions don’t feel like counselling; it just feels good to be heard.

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