“When my daughter began her sessions witk Kat, she had been through lots of emotional trauma for someone of 11 years old. The progression she has made is immeasurable

Every session she came out literally lighter in her mood, appearance and like a weight had been lifted. Kat was warm, welcoming and we both insistently clicked with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kat for any young person who needs a trusted, none judgemental third-party adult to talk to.

Thank you again Kat for everything, think you really saved me this year knowing that D could confide in you.

Mother of DA, 12 Years Old

Kat was my first professional counsellor and I’m very grateful for the work we did together. Her approach is very engaging and personal and she put me at ease very quickly. I feel as though she listens deeply to my thoughts and is able to recall details that I have said from previous sessions to relate back to.

She is also able to speak from personal experience and has insightful recommendations. Counselling with Kat is reliable and affordable, and I would recommend to friends and family.